Success Story Sharing by one of Indonesia’s CEO – CEO Srirara

Success Story Sharing by one of Indonesia’s CEO – CEO Srirara

Free holiday and income which I’ve never obtained before!

I joined Moorlife in early January 2015. I was interested in joining Moorlife because of the quality products they are offering. I promoted Moorlife through various social media channels, I uploaded pictures of Moorlife products and explained in detail how Moorlife differs from its competitors. I didn’t stop there. I diligently invited people to join Moorlife and by the end of April 2015, I officially became leader and got a trip to Thailand. Thailand is one of my dream destinations and thanks to Moorlife, it came true for me.

With that, I became more pumped up and motivated to promote Moorlife. Barely a year into joining Moorlife, I’ve already got a free holiday and a certain level of income which I’ve never obtained before.

For those of you who face challenges, keep thinking positively and you will eventually reach where you want to be. Instead of using social media for no clear purpose, why not use it for something that can help you generate income? Who knows, you might soon be on your dream vacation too!

Sari Mulia – Banjarmasi

I finally set foot in Bali, Kuala Lumpur and even South Korea for free!

I was a housewife when I joined Moorlife. I had a lot of free time on my hands and wanted to be occupied while my children were at school. I fell in love with Moorlife on their social media pages. Although my sister was very much against my decision (my sister was a product manager at a competitor company at that time). However, I did not deter in my spirit to join Moorlife.

I joined Moorlife on the 23rd of May 2014. At first, I felt that it was going to be very challenging and difficult but because I knew Moorlife products are premium quality products. Therefore, I am continued in my pursuit. At last, I finally started seeing results on my own eyes.

I obtained leadership in just one week and became a master in two months. My Moorlife network started blooming, and now, in almost every area at Indonesia where I have networks. Thanks to Moorlife, I finally set foot in Bali, Kuala Lumpur and even South Korea for free. I was ecstatic seeing my network travel here and there!

Success won’t come if we do not want it ourselves. We have to keep focusing and acting upon what we want and believe in.

Master Erni Ginting MT – Medan

The variety of products and its gorgeous colours made me fall in love.

I am a housewife with one child. I was keen on joining Moorlife after seeing its attractive postings on social media. The variety of products and its gorgeous colours made me fall in love. I then wanted to know more about the company. After much research and seeing how transparent the business model is, I was more determined to join Moorlife.

I only had the product catalogue when I joined Moorlife. With this, I started garnering attention from my relatives, neighbours and friends. Furthermore, I was very driven to pursue this business. I persevered and developed my business without faltering once. As a result of that, I saw my fruits growing.

I was given a free trip to Bali with other members and will soon be getting another trip to Thailand. My biggest hope is to see more people succeeding in this CMN family.

Farroh H. Sharif – Nusantara

Great quality products with affordable prices attracted me to start the business!

Before joining Moorlife, I was an admin in a private company with a mediocre salary. In order to increase revenue, I want to find a second job that is not complicated, but can generate a lot of profit.

Until one day, one of my brothers showed me the Moorlife products. The great quality of Moorlife products with affordable prices made me attracted to start this business. At the beginning, I was very afraid of not being able to sell because of competitor companies but soon, I discovered that a lot of my friends were interested in it because of its affordability and satisfaction in the product usage. For me, that is of utmost importance: customer satisfaction.

I was then able to build my image and reputation as a trusted seller, which attracted even more people to the products, making me more fired up to increase my sales. Thank you Moorlife. I am truly overjoyed to be in the business.

Farroh H. Sharif – Nusantara

 What’s even better is that with Moorlife, you have flexibility!

How I came to know about Moorlife was a coincidence. I was given the Moorlife Product Catalogue by an acquaintance of mine, that was in December 2014. In February 2015, I met one of the EP Leaders and was briefed in detail about Moorlife. I wasn’t sure at first because I wanted to compare with other competitors out there. But in the end, I have decided to go with Moorlife because of its premium quality and amazing prices. After a month of joining Moorlife, I have promoted became an EP Leader.

What’s even better is that with Moorlife, you have flexibility. You can still have a full-time job and be a part of Moorlife. For me, I am working from Monday to Friday in an office. During the weekends, I focus on my Moorlife business. With all my effort and hard work, I was able to win myself a trip to Thailand. For those who want to try, do not be afraid or hesitant, to succeed, it all depends on our initiatives and efforts.

Amelia Indri Ekawati

More than 50 people to BALI Champion Conference under my network!

I was a relatively successful in this kind of business before, I have even occupied the position of manager in competitor company for 4 years. My income per month reached RP 35 million (RM10,000+). But having a lot of income did not make me satisfied or happy, I still felt very burdened and disheartened due to the company’s structure, model and policy. Because of this, I ventured into CMN after being offered and introduced by a friend of mine in May 2014. I saw something unique and different in this business as compared to its competitors.

From month of July’2015, I have managed to expand my networks by bringing 10 people to join Leader Conference at Kuala Lumpur.  The biggest achievement by bringing more than 50 people to BALI Champion Conference under my network!

Long story short, I no longer feel the same way I used to, in fact, I am very thankful to be a part of CMN. I have only been growing since then and the business has been nothing but worth it to me. Joining CMN has been one decision in my life that I have been proud of and my wish is to see more people to be succeed with me as wel!.

Alfrida Yenny

 Truly a wonderful experience!

For me, joining Moorlife was just a trial. I wasn’t sure but I am attracted by the quality of the products. I joined in January 2015 under my brother who was an EP Leader. Two weeks later, I was already an EP Head and only a month later, I was on the plane for a free trip to Bali with bonuses that much higher that I have expected.

Moorlife is the very first product that I started to sell because I felt that selling is a hassle job for me. However, it’s become a pleasant job in CMN. Now, I can fly wherever I want and stay in resort hotels, attending huge events with more than 2500 people and meeting new people. Truly a wonderful experience!

Special thanks to my beloved sister Windy Pristanty Amilia

Winda Cindy

I take a great pride in this business!

After having many experiences with working in MLM, I was very hesitant to believe in CMN. Nevertheless, in March 2014, I joined the business for the sole purpose of answering a close friend’s invitation. But who would’ve thought CMN would be very quick to impress!

I started getting actively involved in the business and attended many conferences. What really opened my eyes was the fact that Mr Herman Tanoko took great interests in the networks and ensured that everything was running smoothly. It isn’t always that you see a President getting directly involved with the business. My income rose steadily soon after. I honestly never dreamed it would be this big and I must say, I take great pride in this business.

Diana Devi

Achieved more than RP 1 Billion Sales!

I am a housewife with two children, I previously worked as an administrator in a company. In 2013, I was invited to join by a friend. I was keen to purchase Moorlife to decorate my home and kitchen. But over time, many people expressed their interest to join. I was able to bring 16 people to the Champion Conference in Yogyakarta which gave me master ship. I was very impressed by how CMN values its members and appreciates even the smallest efforts they made.

After that, I was able to bring 23 of my friends who have never stepped foot out of the country before to go to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I then travelled to Perth, Australia! I continued developing myself especially in the areas of public speaking to be more expressive and persuasive. My sales have been increased from RP400 million in month of Oct 2014, till Feb’2015, achieved more than RP1 Billion.  Not long after, I obtained the title of ACEO.


With CMN, it simply gets easier!

I wasn’t always keen on local products especially when international products were readily available in the market. What more if you are talking about an MLM business! Surely local products would be even more difficult to sell. I was offered to join the business by a close friend of mine, who never give-up continuing introduce CMN business to us. He took us to join the conference at Yogyakarta where we were mind blown.

I have noticed that CMN members were very pumped up and that gave me even more motivation to go the distance. Mr Herman Tanoko’s speech at the event, gave me the inspiration I needed. I must say that being in the right business is all that matters because with CMN, it simply gets easier, not harder. You cannot find this elsewhere.

But to succeed, you will need to first start with yourself. Find out what you truly want and work accordingly.
Set yourself goals and make sure that you take every possible way to ensure that these goals are met. Once you have the hard part out of the way, the rest of the journey will be smooth sailing.

Happy Kristiaty